In and around Paris, France in 2001 and 2002

Versailles Versailles Crepes in Paris Berthillion ice cream Giverny
Arc de Triomphe Notre Dame Sacre Coeur Sacre Coeur Sacre Coeur
Notre Dame Chapel St. Eustache Versailles Versailles Giverney
Giverny Sacre Coeur Sacre Coeur Giverny Notre Dame
Arc de Triomphe Luxembourg palace Louvre Arc de Triomphe Place de la Concorde
Versailles Giverny Notre Dame Versailles Giverny
Arc de Triomphe Notre Dame St. Chapelle Eiffel Tower Versailles
Notre Dame Luxembourg gardens Eiffel Tower Sacre Coeur Versailles
Orsay Museum Giverny Orsay Museum Notre Dame Eiffel Tower
Royal Bridge Notre Dame Paris sewer tour Orsay Museum